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Scrap Car Removal

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Cash For Cars

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Cash For Cars, so easy it will blow your mind

When people give us cars for cash the car gets separated by recyclable parts & metal. We will pay you because of the the value of the scrap car metal. The current market value of the metal is what determines the value of your junk car. 

Every car we pick up is recycled. We pay you cash for the car when we pick it up. This allows you to quickly turn your scrap car into something valuable quickly. 

We have been in operations for 30 years, our customers love us because we are honest, upfront & earth friendly.

  • We are 100% Insured

  • A+ BBB Rating

  • Honest & Upfront

  • We give you a quote over the phone

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What Is My Car Worth?

The value of your car is determined by the Year, the make and the model. If we are going to be recycling your car, we will give you an offer based on the current market rates for scrap cars. Rest assured we will always give you a fair price and never change the price when we come to pick up the car.

We Recycle Your Car

Cash for cars Vancouver, is smart  because your car has value, even if it doesn’t run. A1 Casper gives cash for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs, then we take it all apart and recycle it. We can pick up your car in less than two hours. We give cash for cars Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge  and everywhere else in the lower mainland.

Selling My Car Vs Scrapping

Selling your car means normally it runs still and there is some market value for it. A scrap car is normally nearing the end of its life & it makes more sense to sell it for metal. Another benefit of scrapping it we can usually take it within the hour. Upon pick up we will pay you cash for your old car, the car will be covered by our industry leading insurance ensuring there are no risks.

In 2 Hours We Can Remove your Scrap Car

      1. Call us at 778-345-6001

      2. We tell you the value of the car

      3. Tell us when we can pick it up

We will come to you, and tow away your scrap car – you don’t need tires or the car running.  As soon as we arrive we will pay you on the spot & take your car away. We will always give you the price on the phone before we arrive. There will be no surprises once we come to pick up your car.

Our Track Record Is Golden

gI_108482_ReputableFor over 30 years, A1 Casper Auto Recycling has been family-owned and operated. To this day three-quarters of our staff is immediate family. When we give cash for cars in Vancouver,  you can tell a difference between a cash-for-cars company that’s family-run versus one that’s not. We genuinely enjoy coming to work each day, and interacting with our clients.

Clients recommend us over and over, because we are a reputable business with a proven track record. Over 30 years we have had no complaints due to our great care of our clients.

More questions? We’re ready with the answers. Call us at 778-345-6001


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