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Scrap Car Removal

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Cash For Cars

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Cash For Cars Vancouver

Scrap Car Recycling Call 778-345-6001

We recycle your old junk car and pay you cash to get it off your hands. We service The entire lower mainland and can usually get to your junk car the same day. 



What is my car worth?

The value of your car is determined by the Year, the make and the model. If we are going to be recycling your car, we will give you an offer based on the current market rates for scrap cars. Rest assured we will always give you a fair price and never change the price when we come to pick up the car.

Why Do We Give You Cash?

Because you deserve it! Cash for cars Vancouver, is smart  because your car has value, even if it doesn’t run. A1 Casper gives cash for cars, trucks, motorcycles, and RVs, then we take it all apart and recycle it into more neat stuff. We can pick up your car in less than two hours. We give cash for cars Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, Richmond, Burnaby, Maple Ridge  and everywhere else in the lower mainland.

So you actually build more stuff?

We don’t actually turn your scrap car into anything in our shop, but we get your old vehicle to the people who can. The only thing better than turning a junk car into hard cash, is that good clean feeling of helping the environment.

How does it work?

      1. Call us at 778-345-6001 and tell us about your vehicle.

      2. We’ll schedule a time to come pick it up, often we can be there in just a few hours.

      3. Have a cup of tea and think about how you’ll spend your money.

Our driver will come to you, and haul away your scrap car – tires aren’t even required. We’ll evaluate your vehicle against the current scrap prices and pay you on the spot. Thats why cash for cars Vancouver just makes sense!

How much cash will I get for my car?

The amount of Cash for cars Vancouver all depends on the make, model and condition of your vehicle, and the current rates for scrap materials. We’ll pay you before hauling away your car, then get out of your hair so you can spend your dough on something awesome.

Family-owned and BBB Approved

Junk Car RemovalFor over 30 years, A1 Casper Auto Recycling has been family-owned and operated. To this day three-quarters of our staff is immediate family. When we give cash for cars in Vancouver,  you can tell a difference between a cash-for-cars company that’s family-run versus one that’s not. We genuinely enjoy coming to work each day, and interacting with our clients.

We have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, proof of our high standards and exceptional customer-service.

More questions? We’re ready with the answers. Call us at 778-345-6001


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